I am a designer, artist, entrepreneur, mommy, wife and friend, in no particular order.

My family and I live in a small coastal town in South Africa, Mossel Bay. Hubby and I love life, good coffee and beautiful things, therefore we opened a coffee shop called The Merchant, in a 140 year old building close to the harbour. Conveniently, my offices are right above the coffee shop, so I get to drink fantastic coffee all day, everyday. Here, along with some other talented freelance creatives and entrepreneurs, I design, market and dream up most of the products I sell.



I wholesale and retail a couple of ranges of products for different markets and stores. Currently I have a Gift range, African range and contemporary South African Tshirt range available.

The African range coincidentally started with a Red Origami Elephant that I painted on an old map for my sons’ bedroom. Soon the rather chubby Red Elephant got some friends and now they are loved all over the world.

Painted Origami animals on African Map background

Painted Origami animals on African Map background

The Swe Swe range was inspired by a beautiful cut of traditional African fabric called “Swe Swe”. I had bought a metre of royal blue fabric with a smiling Nelson Mandela print on which led me to wonder what it would look like if it were cut into the shape of an animal. Very quickly this idea became a process which gave birth to a happy family of a dozen different designs which are now printed on T-Shirts, bags, stationery, cushions etc. Not all are Swe Swe, so they are rather a mixed bunch, pretty much like our South African families.


swe swe collection