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Behind the scenes- Floral Wedding Invites

When one of my favourite friends and awesome videographer, Ilse de Vaal (now van der Heever) asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I had to stop myself from overwhelming her with all the ideas buzzing in my brain! So you can imagine how delighted I was when she asked me to do the designing and stationery!

Ilse’s theme looked a little bit like this… “Olive leaves, gold, femine florals” I knew I could work with that and really wanted to use these sentimental themes in a fresh and trendy way. As we all know, flower crowns/wreaths are all the craze right now on pinterest. So together with Nadene Smith, the other lovely bridesmaid and super talented photographer, we had a team and an idea! We decided to make and photograph some different flower wreaths to use as frames for the Save the Dates, Invitations, etc)

The three of us took to the quiet residential streets of Mossel Bay with black bags, scissors and a Navy Ford Focus in first gear.

Once back we sorted and layed out our flowers and leaves on an ironed out table clothe on the carpet. Once we planned the wreaths, we secured the flowers in place with sewing pins.

Nadene took to the piano stool and photographed  various wreaths that I put together with her Canon 5D Mark iii (she used a 24 -70mm f2.8 lens). Ilse and I had to secure a flat surface by pulling the corners of the table clothe (to avoid extra editing)

Once Nadene had worked her magic, I got to add text to our new frames to make the Save the Dates…

Ilse Save the Date yellow

For the Kitchen Tea Invitations I used one of the more feminine, pink wreaths

Ilse Kitchen tea invite

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Yay, you can download your FREE Sammy Sheppard Floral Frame! Use it to make your own invites, vinyls, labels for jars, or even add a quote and put it in a frame for a friend! Have fun and be sure to share what you’ve made!

Nadene Smith Photography Write up

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