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Long ago there was a man who took the long journey by ship from his homeland to another continent. By the end of his trip he had depleted all his food rations that he had packed for the long haul, and was starved and suffering from malnutrition. As he was making his way off the ship he was walking beside a friendly chap who asked him how they had been on the same ship together for so many months, and not met one another? Surely, he asked, they would have met in the dining hall? The starving man replied that his ticket didn’t cover meals to the dining hall. The friendly chap was dismayed to tell his new friend that every one of the tickets did indeed, include 3 meals a day in the dining hall…

Often, we go through life living off that which we have prepared and gained for ourselves. We work hard to have enough to carry us through, we depend on ourselves when it comes to achieving successes and surviving battles. We tend to look to our own abilities and weaknesses. We take on sickness, pain, fear, hatred, pride and consider our past an influence on who we are. When all along we have been missing the truth that someone has already catered for everything we need and more. When Jesus took our sin and shame, death and pain upon himself on the cross, he did what we would never have to do or go through ourselves. The truth that Jesus gives us, is that IT HAS BEEN DONE so that we don’t have to struggle and fight battles that have already been overcome and WON! We are free, because He has already set us free! We no longer need to be cooped up in our cabins, sick and fearful of tomorrow because upstairs there is a feast of goodness and grace and healing and power prepared just for you.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” Galations 5:1


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