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God’s love is real man!!

So, this year has been a year in which I have never desired God’s love more. Week after week I find myself weeping uncontrollably (usually in church meetings in front of a “kazillion” people staring at me like Im being delivered…well, maybe I was, haha, Im not sure.) I am so incredibly desperate to KNOW and EXPERIENCE this love that I have heard of  so many times. Often pondering over that scripture in Ephesians 3:18 ” That you may have the strength to comprehend the height, depth, width and length of Gods love for you.”

I have come to see this revelation as the holy grail of all wisdom and understanding. That this is the key to all our issues and problems in life. If I can just know the love that God the Father has for me then I can finally get over my identity crisis, my insecurities and “Daddy issues will be dissolved by the all consuming power of a heavenly father’s divine and perfect love for me; His own creation, His own flesh and blood, made in His very own image, whom he formed in my mothers womb. How great is the knowledge that before you and I were born, our lives were laid out before us already, as part of a big, complex and beautiful plan that we can only understand a tiny part of. I am not an accident and neither are you!!  This life is not a sequence of scientific accidents! May we see and experience the truth that all creation declares God’s love and power! He is real and so is His love!! This life on earth is but preparation for eternity! God, give us more perspective, that we may see with spiritual eyes that can grasp the mysteries that you have given us to find!

God is the most creative, humorous, exciting and mysterious Father ever! He is inviting you to join him in the greatest adventure you will ever know.

Abba Father says to you: “The cry in your spirit has been waiting for this to begin, the time has come. Arise my children, awaken from the slumber you have been in, the time has come that those who seek me, shall find me and make my kingdom and the mysteries of heaven known to all mankind. Its a new season. I will make myself known. Look away from the fake pleasures and plastic treasures of the world. They break and decay, they are not the real thing your innermost being desires so much. All you have to do is seek ME… and you shall find the greatest treasures your heart has every known.”


Follow me as I share how God has started revealing life changing secrets to me in the last month…

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    Thanks for sharing your heart so openly Sammy Sheppard! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and a real inspiration to those around you. I see your Father blessing you with so much FAVOUR in this world. Well done on being faithful with what He has given you and using your talents to bless Him and others!

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    Bonnie Rooken-Smith September 13, 2014 at 7:14 AM

    Thank you Nelleke Elston! I'm encouraged by your kind words xxx

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    Sam I always feel so inspired after I read ur blog posts!!Thanks for sharing your inner most powerful thoughts and life changing experiences..lots of love & blessings..

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